This is a sketch inspired by one line in Titus Groan. In this chapter, Lord Sepulchrave's daughter, Fucshia, is off playing in the attic. The attic is a sprawling expanse cluttered with relics, knick-knacks, and what-have-you from bygone years, all of which fuel Fucshia's desire to create her own world with her imagination. This secluded spot allows her to create characters to talk to and basically escape from her less-than-satisfactory noble livelihood. One of the characters she has created is Rain Man, who walks with his head bowed, leading a tiger around by a chain. If the tiger gets rowdy/noisy/playful, he could glare at it and qwell it. The one line that mentioned Rain Main + Tiger stuck in my head, enough so that I felt it important enough to draw and speak about. There are several such moments in this book, and I'll probably draw a few more!

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you drew Fuchsia--making her being able to make herself look ugly, but still with a prettiness to her---I thought what made her ugly looking was her brooding though? O.o...I could be wrong...but didn't Peake (yes, I read the books) say she was beautiful??

Anyways! You did a marvelous job! You're the only one I have known of that drew Fuchsia in her imagination lol