Bad Hare Days

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I believe it was Advanced Math class, back in high school, that I was made to read Alice in Wonderland. On a related note, our Geometry class class had to read Flatland by A. Square (Edwin Abbott Abbott). Both of which are awesome books. I've since read Flatland over again!

Now, however, my memories of Alice in Wonderland's story have been a little twisted by movie adaptations and comics and video games and the like. Especially Jan ҆vankmajer's Alice, a stop-animation movie involving a super-creepy stuffed scissor-wielding White Rabbit.

You know, I always thought the White Rabbit seemed a little cracked out. Always rushing around; worrying about this & that; trying desperately not to be late for something. You could totally pull a druggy motif out of that story.

So, I drew a tweaking rabbit. You've got to ask yourself, "What's in his pockets?" Snacks? Money? Poker chips? Marbles? Sand? Shotgun shells? Half-eaten candles? Sawdust? Chess pieces? Shrimp? Carrots? Lent? More pocket watches?

I'm not telling. And he's too far gone to reveal the secret. So it looks like your imagination will just have to keep!

Hella Tricks

Continuing the HP illustration series, I present to you the crazy, dirty-hot Bellatrix Lestrange, best known for being dark-haired and nuts. You could often find her leading a few Deatheaters around, spouting threats and being especially wicked towards our young lead characters. Well, what can you expect after being thrown into Azkaban for a while? Best to exercise caution when she's around. Wands at the ready, etc.

It looks like I'm going to draw all the characters that had wild and interesting hair, doesn't it? Hmmm.

This drawing is dedicated to my friend Alexis, who is quite obsessed with Ms. Lestrange.

My friend Matt is also drawing a series of Dobby (the house-elf) doing menial chores. It is quite amusing! I'll post a link after he puts them up on his illo blog.

Dirty Hagrid

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Everyone loves Hagrid. Maybe you empathize because some look down on him (not literally because he is usually the tallest figure around). Maybe you admire his courage in caring for the Hogwarts students. Or maybe you like him because he gives great hugs?

This illustration shows Hagrid trying to hide his hippogriff, Buckbeak, from prying eyes. Well, I wouldn't say you or I are exactly "prying," but I'm sure he wants to keep BB hidden, just in case. You never know WHO might be checking out Booksketch.

I posted Snape over at Draw, Burt Draw! for some reason. I should have posted it here, eh? Here's a link: Quite A Severe Fellow

I'll probably draw some more HP characters soon!

Jibber Jabber(wocky)

The Jabberwocky (from Through the Looking-Glass) by Lewis Carroll
Illustration by Brian Jocks

Callooh! Callay!

"The Jabberwocky" is a poem full of nonsense-words about a boy who goes on a quest to slay a monster. It's short and sweet. Here's a play by play:

Our hero is a boy with a vorpal sword. He's out for blood, but so his manxsome foe: The Jabberwock! As our hero tires from his search, he takes a rest by the Tumtum tree. Then here comes the Jabberwocky, with eyes of flame, whiffling and burbling through the forest.

How will it end? Will the beamish boy go galumphing back home with the head of the Jabberwock? Or will the monster grab that vorpal blade and show the kid who the real king of the forest is?

You'll have to read to find out.

My illustration is an imagining of the Jabberwocky as the victor.