The Bunny Book

Whenever I tell people about Watership Down, they always end up asking "The bunny book?" I know. I KNOW. It is a book about bunnies. Kute wittell bunnees. But it's also about oh so much more, including war and brainwashing and survival. Didn't expect that, did you?? DID YOU???

Anyways, this sketch is just inspired by the general feeling of the book, not any scene in particular. This book can be pretty darn sad. As sad as a book about bunnies can dare to be!


Lola said...

Actually...I think brainwashing and bunnies go hand in hand. It's a marriage of convenience. I hate bunnies AND I hate there you go.

Blake said...

this first time I heard of this was in Donnie Darko!
Great sketch!