Life at Stake

Robert Neville, a la I Am Legend, which, if you didn't know, will soon be released in movie format, starring Will Smith. I think they are renaming it "I Am Will Smith."

This short story was written by Richard Matheson in 1954. The nice paperback edition I have only has some vague creepy image on the cover. I haven't watched the other two movie versions of this story, or seen any other imagery, so I've been pretty unspoiled as to how characters look.

Now, imagine you're pretty much the last person left on earth. Pretty much? Well, you see, what I mean is that some plague killed pretty much everyone else. Pretty much? Well, not everyone; some have survived but have been turned into vampiric lifeforms. So Neville goes out into the suburbs during the day, doing research and disposing of any "vampires" he finds. At night he has to hold up in his fortified house while the undeadish gather outside and taunt him and try to eat him.

So, he has to stay alive AND sane. It's a really enveloping read! Even if it's not your cup of blood. Oops, "tea."

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Blake said...

nice! I'll have to check it out!