The Wisest Wizard

The Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R "Lore-inator" Tolkien

Did you know that the wizards in the LOTR universe weren't human? They are ancient beings of the Maiar, sent by Valar to help stave the forces of darkness in Middle-Earth. The elves called them Ishtari and mankind called them I remember reading about all that some time after completing the series. And I also remember thinking "WHERE THE HECK WHERE THE OTHER LAZY JACKLEGS?" Did Gandalf have to do all the work? Well, apparently not all of the Maiar ventured out into the area that the books' setting. I suppose had Gandalf and the Fellowship failed, Sauron might have run into other wizards eventually in other lands. Radagast the Brown was the one who sent the eagle to save Gandalf at the White Tower, though Radagast didn't do jack besides that.

Anyway, the Maiar took the form of "old humans" to help them blend into the land. They were sent to guide the races of Middle-Earth. There were a few mentioned in the series, but only two were key. Gandalf The Gray and Saruman The White, whom Sauron (the big baddie) corrupts and becomes one of the man foes of the Fellowship.

Anyway, Gandalf was the dude. The illustration above is him delivering his classic line "YOU SHALL NOT PASS." Not many people know that in the book, the next line he says to the balrog is "Your ass is mine."


Elise said...

i imagine gandalf fussing at hobbits and staring down orcs EXACTLY like that: "YOUUUUUU!"

Burt said...

Yes, this also doubles as a "Gandalf scolds Pippin" booksketch.

Denise Gallagher said...

Hey, yeah! I love his finger and his long long beard! (It looks braided in spots... like I would do, if I had a beard!)


raindog said...

lol @ lore-inator ... you still got it.

funny how you should mention the next line is ..., i'm in book two of the fellowship and i finally realize why certain lines in the movie seemed a bit off. there not always spoken by the same character.

anyway, nice representation. esp like how he's stylishly sporting his staff.