Sam & FroD'oh!

The Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. "Fantasy Dude" Tolkien

Continuing with the Fellowship illustrations, here are Sam and Frodo, as I remember them.

Look, I'll just say it. I wasn't a big fan of any of the hobbits. I mean, sure, they prove that size and stature doesn't matter, and that you can still stab big things in the feet if necessary, but come on. Come on, seriously. FOUR of them? How about two? Two would have sufficed, right? Well I guess since they are Halflings, the four of them combined would make two normal-sized characters. Why do I dislike the hobbits so much?

Don't even get me started on Merry and Pippin. Well, you won't have to get me started, because they're up next on the list.

Anyways, Sam & Frodo. Best half-buds. Sam stuck by Frodo through thick and thinner, low times and lower times. Through breakfast and second breakfast. Sam is essentially the heart of the LOTR books. He'd do anything for Frodo, and is one of the few characters who had possession of the Ring at one time and voluntarily gave it up. Morals are practically bursting out of this guy. Who could say that Halflings are half-hearted?

Frodo is pretty much the LOTR punching bag.

But he's also Bilbo Baggins' adoptive heir, and was trusted with the task of tossing a little ol' ring into a murderous demon volcano in Mordor, which was also the home of a big ol' bad guy: Sauron. So, in summary: Little dude with a big job.

This booksketch shows Sam piggybacking agony-stricken Frodo, whom Tolkien had just tossed into the frying for the eleventh or so time.


raindog said...

i think this is my favorite so far, but i do share your views on hobbits. go figure. speaking of the big baddie, will you be sharing an interpretation of sauron?

Burt said...

Haha, I keep adding to the list of to-be-drawns! Sure, why not. The more, the merry-er.

Denise Gallagher said...

Gotta love those big hairy feet!
And you've captured the struggle very well.

Great job Burt!


Elise said...

you'll never booksketch another book at this rate! Sauron has many forms, depending on what Age you're in determines what he looks like.

i ready for merry and pippin, i think i'm the only one in this crowd who likes them!