Two of a Kind

The Lord of the Rings books by J. R. R. "Mr. Fantasy" Tolkien

Is it just me, or do more people confuse Merry and Pippin? Don't shake your head at me, Elise! Or anyone else that loves Merry and Pippin, for that matter. Alright, maybe it's just me. Merry was the hobbit with the most knowledgeable of the four hobbits of the Fellowship, with an interest in lore and such things that for your average hobbit would be a tall order. Of the two, he's also the one I found myself cursing at the least.


"PIPPIN! Why on MIDDLE-EARTH are you swearing your allegiance to Denethor???


Pippin was the youngest, so I'm sure we can just blame it on that. Young people, tssk tssk.

And yet, without a bit of carelessness and mischievousness, things might have turned out a whole lot worse. For example, Faramir was saved because of Pippin being so close to Denethor.

And plus, they became exceptionally hobbit-tall once they drank the Entwine! That's got to count for something, eh?

About the illustration:
Here are Merry and Pippin plotting to do something thoughtless that will annoy Burt very much. Hahaha.


raindog said...

it's good when we can laugh at our own jokes, isn't it? the question is, does he have enough tolkien nicknames to go round?

i very much dig the b/w for this one with the weeee bit of yellow for the weeee hobbits.

Burt said...

I don't think I'll run out of Tolkien nicknames anyyyytime soon!