Hella Tricks

Continuing the HP illustration series, I present to you the crazy, dirty-hot Bellatrix Lestrange, best known for being dark-haired and nuts. You could often find her leading a few Deatheaters around, spouting threats and being especially wicked towards our young lead characters. Well, what can you expect after being thrown into Azkaban for a while? Best to exercise caution when she's around. Wands at the ready, etc.

It looks like I'm going to draw all the characters that had wild and interesting hair, doesn't it? Hmmm.

This drawing is dedicated to my friend Alexis, who is quite obsessed with Ms. Lestrange.

My friend Matt is also drawing a series of Dobby (the house-elf) doing menial chores. It is quite amusing! I'll post a link after he puts them up on his illo blog.


donny* said...

oh hell yes! nice interpretation.

Denise Gallagher said...

She is excellent!
I really love her wild wild hair.


Art Fan Ako said...

Cool goth girl!

Ooti said...

awesome burt. feeling the texture in her hair.