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Calm down, ladies. Here's Legolas.

I'll start off by saying that this Grey Elf was actually one of my favorite characters. Not because he was an unstoppable killing-machine. For one thing, there wasn't much mention of his battle prowess in the books. The movies turned Legolas into this untouchable warrior after test audiences responded favorably to him surfing down a staircase on a shield and shooting arrows. I'm not going to deny being very entertained by this, as well, haha.

What was interesting about Legolas was how separated he was from the rest of the Fellowship. For example, when the gang was truding through snow-packed mountain passes, Legolas was indifferent to the snow and cold. His endurance was way above any others in the group, as well. He was often off scouting ahead. And he was usually the one to remain in high-spirits. Or, at least, not in utter despair.

I believe the main purpose of Leggy as a character was to show that even staunch enemies can become friends once differences are reconciled. I mentioned in the Gimli post that dwarves and elves had this bitter animosity towards one another. Well, when the Fellowship was forged, Legolas and Gimli were none-to-happy to be in each others' company. But towards the end however, they formed a steadfast friendship and were willing to defend this with blood.

Also, you have to love their little wager. Even if I still think Gimli cheated. I think the fact that there was a high orc-body count on both sides shows that Legolas actually did do stuff in battle, but it just wasn't focused on in the books. I guess they were more of "off-screen" actions. Off-page? Haha.

About the illustration:
'Twas done in Prismacolor pen and then colored in ye ol' Photoshop.


MamaLern said...

Oooo I'm enjoying the texture of the background. Very fun!

As well as the detail for Aragorn's sword in the last sketch, which I am only just seeing. I know, I know- I'm lagging.

Burt said...

Thanks. Texture is a hell of a drug.

Denise Gallagher said...

Ahhh yes... texture! So much fun to play with!

I really like the features of your Legolas... particularly his nose!

Very nice!

raindog said...

that was one scene that really bugged me about the movie ... legolas surfing a shield down the staircase with nary a wobble. that, and orcs covering their crotches from axe blows. love your take on the elf. and the balancing of the arrow and the apple ... that kooky imagination of yours.