Full Stride

The Lord of the Rings books by Fantasy Funkmaster J.R.R Tolkien

Since I've decided to draw the entire Fellowship, here's my take on Aragorn, aka Strider. I know that Aragorn was a bad mamma-jamma throughout the entire series, but I personally loved his "Strider" persona. Some dark, hooded figure shows up at a tavern at the beginning of the story and wards the wee hobbits from certain doom at the hands of the Nazgûl (Ringwraiths). Why's he helping? What's he doing? Where does he come from? WHO IS HE? Well, he's simply Strider.

A very strong character. It's interesting how the movie imposed all of this self-doubt upon him. As if he was afraid to take the crown that was rightfully his. I guess they just wanted to add another element? Anyway, he was one of my favorite characters. Maybe THE favorite. I need to read the series again and decide once and for all.

Anyway, here's the rundown on Aragorn:

1) Mostly man, wee bit o' elf. That means he can have a pretty long life (as did all in the line of Númenor), and has other qualities of the elves, and was even raised by elves. But since he's mostly Man, he has the "Gift of Men," which is an eventual death.

2) In line for the throne of Gondor. Which is a large kingdom of Middle-Earth, and has the largest force to stop Sauron (the baddie of The Third Age).

3) Pretty tall and scruffy. All those years as a Ranger of the North add gruff to a character! He befriended Gandalf The Gray during his stint as a Ranger.

On a side note:
I tend to get Aragorn and Lan from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series slightly confused. This being because Lan was modeled very similar to ol' Ary. Both were ranger-warriors, both were rugged and battle-hardened. They share a bunch of qualities, even up to the "slight bit of gray in the hair." Though I think Lan was less of a spring chicken.

4) I think my Aragorn illustration turned out a bit like Russell Crowe...

5) Oh man, I've got to draw a Ringwraith after the Fellowship is penned!


Elise said...

he wasn't elven. he was of the race of the Kings of Men, the Numenor. That's what makes him live a long time. They hung out with the Elves a lot, and he was raised in Rivendell because they were protecting the last heir to the throne. That's why it's such a big deal he's in love with Arwen, because she is elven, and they're not supposed to mix. Only happened one other time and caused all kinds of foolishness.

Ringwraiths are awesome! you def. have to add that to the list.

raindog said...

interesting you should bring up the differences in the movie conversion. its been so long since i've read the books (something that these illustrations are going to make me remedy soon enough) and so often that i've seen the movies that i had forgotten or not noticed. anyway, love the interpretation. were you aware that crowe turned down the role of aragorn in the movies before it was picked up by viggo? hmmmm.

Burt said...

"Aragorn was a descendant of Elros Tar-Minyatur, Lord Elrond's Half-elven twin brother and the first king of Númenor."

Burt said...

But I'll go ahead and edit wording on #1, haha.

Elise said...

you're right burt. but Elrond and his brother had to choose elven or man, Elrond chose elven, his brother chose man. So from that point forward all his family was of the race of Men.

it's complicated, and i'm probably starting to scare your friends who only saw the movies!

Is Legolas next? he's elven. lol.

Burt said...

OMG let's just say that Aragorn has a tiny bit of elf blood in him so that I don't look completely wrong, ok?

And yes, Legolas is next.

Denise Gallagher said...

I'm loving this series and I'm learning so much! (More than I ever thought there was to know!)
Love the angle...
and his moodiness!