Knight In Snoring Armor

Don Quixote by Cervantes

These past couple of days have brought two or three Don Quixote references to my ears, which spawned the desire to do another booksketch tonight.

While I don't think this particular illustration is directly taken from any scene in the novel, I could picture ol' Quixote insisting on sleeping in his ratty armor to always be at the ready, should danger or villainy rear its ugly head. Lest any windmills sneak up on him.

Now that I'm thinking of this illustration, I guess there's another layer to it. The novel (or two novels, technically) is mostly about The Man From La Mancha's spiral into his dreamworld, losing sight of reality and becoming enamored with chivalry and knighthood. It's interesting to picture this dreamer actually dreaming, wrapped in his armor. Armor from what? Reality.

The illustration was done with inkwash and Micron Pen.


lucky said...

I love the color...
the feathers...
and the concept of needing armor to protect oneself from reality!

Oh, and LOVE his pinkies!!

Great job!


Tim said...

I never made the connection that it was Cervantes who wrote this. How does a pirate find the time to pen a whimsical story while transcending time and battling for the Soul Edge and fathering Ivy and everything?

Burt said...

He cranked it out when Siegfried had the Soul Edge, freeing up his time somewhat for hobbies.