Deer God

Cenotaph is a book of poems by Eric Pankey. Although I wouldn't describe the poems as particularly excellent or earth-shaking, its a nice read. The above sketch was inspired by the poem The Kingdom of God Likened to a Deer Carcass.

I don't know what else to say about it that the title doesn't already explain. Its a short poem that describes the deer's sun-bleached bones to the ruins of an abandoned church, whose pieces are subject to destruction by carrion birds and wild dogs. While I could probably dissect the poem for symbolism and hidden meanings, etc., I just thought the image of a deer skeleton as a church was sort of neat.

Not all of the poems are morbid, but most are sort of dark and resentful of certain things like parents and lovers and religion. There is one about spring, but that one didn't have any distinct imagery that stuck in my head. Besides, I already knew what a deer skeleton looked like.


Burt said...

Haha, I keep thinking the cross is on the on the skeleton elbow! Is it? Skelbow!

MamaLern said...

It's actually a shoulder blade! I can't think of any good puns that combine shoulder or blade and skeleton. Shoulderton sounds like the name of a neighborhood. I will live there one day.

I will leave the punnage up to you.

Burt said...

"Skeleblade" works AND is menacing.

Burt said...

OMG I just got the title pun! VERY NICE.