Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
Illustrations by Brian Jocks

I really loved working on these illustrations. I've always had a strange fascination with insects, especially beetles. When I read this story, I pictured Gregor Samsa (who wakes up one day transformed into a huge 'vermin') as an awkwardly large beetle stumbling around on twiggy legs.

Unbeknownst to me, he is traditionally assumed to be a cockroach (I still don't buy it). His condition greatly affects his family who were completely financially dependent on him. Oh, and at some point his dad throws an apple at him and it wedges in his back.

A good read for all, especially if you like bug related family tragedies.


Tim said...

I almost started re-reading The Metamorphosis the other day. But I opted for Lolita instead. I probably won't be submitting any booksketches of that.

Great work, Brian!

Burt said...

That sounds like a Lolita-booksketch challenge. Surely one could draw Humbert Humbert without crossing any creepy borders, eh?

And I love how the last drawing for this entry goes very well with my One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest booksketch below! hahaha

raindog said...

is this a new booksketcher or am i just unobservant? any, absolutely love these. nice job!

Burt said...

It is INDEED a new booksketcher! May our ranks grow and grow.

Anonymous said...

These would be wonderful illustrations for a little, hand-bound, art edition of the book. Sad and awkwardly funny.