Underground Man

The Underground Man by Mick Jackson
Illustration by Blake Lagneaux

I finally started a Book Club (in January) and this quirky novel was our first pick. Great book - the main character was lots of fun. A child-like, geriatric aristocrat, "The Duke" is bewildered and fascinated by the workings of the world around him (which consists mostly of his home and a system of elaborate underground tunnels), and especially by the deterioration of his own body. The book chronicles his quest to get inside his own head ;)

The Duke's intricate comparisons between (and obsession with) maps and medical texts inspired my sketch.

More sketches to come as our Book Club progresses...


Burt said...

Great illustration! I'm going to go ahead and add your name under the book's name so that you are sure to get your props.

raindog said...

hey, blake's joined da booksketch crew. very cool illustration. dig it!