The Lover Bearing Gifts

"The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira
and Her Heartless Grandmother"

Gabriel García Márquez

Her life was a tale of sadness
until she met Ulises.
A young man
bearing gifts of oranges —
the most beautiful oranges
with diamonds hidden inside.
He waits outside her tent
where her grandmother has
imprisoned her.
An owl's call
is her sign
to escape into his waiting arms.


Burt said...

Ahhhhh so good. Must...make...playful...booksketches...

Unfortunately I'm reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde right now, so it will be a challenge to squeeze a playful illustration come out of that sour lemon! (Sour but good!)

lucky said...

Hmmm... Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...
Could that be sort of like two illustrators? One all cheerful and one kinda dark?

Works for me!

Burt said...

That is a good idea! Though Jekyll isn't turning out too be too cheerful. Just "not loathsomely repulsive" in comparison to Hyde! The double illustration shall be done.

Tim said...

Just be sure to chew Doublemint Gum while you're sketching it out. Also, I recommend playing tennis with a partner versus two others. While sketching it out.

Shannon Melville said...

Nice owl-women character. You have a very trendy 'now' style which i can see would be in demand. The nice subtle screen print / fabric like effect looks great against your more detailed foreground.