Watership Drown

Watership Down by Richard Adams

It was brought to my attention that I had a nice bleak illustration streak (rhyme!) going there, so I decided it'd be best for everyone if we brought some color back into the equation. And bunnies. Easter just passed by, so why the heck not? The title of this particular illustration is purely for pun purposes, so don't get all worked up about the rabbits' welfare. They're fine. Well, most of them. My rabbits do look rather sleepy. Well, what do you expect! They're tired from laying all those Cadbury eggs.

And the best bunny story I know is Watership Down, hands down. This is my second booksketch inspired by it. The illustration actually was supposed to be much simpler, but I kept adding things because the rabbits and the watercolors were giving me a tough time! But I think it turned out pretty interesting.

At one part in the novel, Hazel and company are hastily escaping down a river when their small raft becomes stuck, and they have to swim for it. So, there you have it. Rabbits swimming!

Rabbits = cuter than rats = cuter than post-apocalyptic cannibals?

You decide.


lucky said...

Hooray for bunnies!

I love your rabbits...
a definite departure from the darker themed entries.
And watercolors!
What fun!

Have a great weekend!


Caitlin said...

The bunnies look like Easter eggs. :)

Burt said...

Yep, I was going with an Eastery theme, C!

And thanks Denise! I rather your rabbits though. They are not as sleepy!

Muse said...

I like your bunnies much better than the actual Watership Down book. Maybe it was because I was forced to read it, or maybe it was because my teacher too closely resembled bunnies (we called her "bucky"), but I just couldn't get into the story about rabbits.