Oh my, God.

God is Dead by Ron Currie Jr.

When I was given this book, it was actually described to me as a comedy- so I decided to look past the title and give it a shot. The premise of the story is that God comes to earth as a starving Sudanese woman in search of her brother. In his/her travels, he/she ends up murdered (hence the title).

The humorous part is that the world doesn't know quite how to deal with the revelation that God is dead so all sorts of wacky things start happening. The chapters are ordered in a short story fashion so each one is about some different wild and crazy thing that goes on because of God's death. For example, adults start to worship their children and the animals that ate God's dead body start speaking in tongues, etc. I actually haven't read it all yet, but so far it's fairly interesting and it gives you the opportunity to tell all of your religious friends how hilarious things would be if God were dead.

The sketch is God as the Dinka woman. When I first showed it to my friend that gave me the book, she was appalled that I pictured her happy and bubbly (and white) since the story is set in Darfur (seriously, this book is a comedy) and goes into the atrocities that are occurring there. However, I wasn't quite in the mood to draw a lady getting raped with a torch or something like that. I also felt that no one would really be in the mood to view any pictures of a lady getting raped by a torch, so I decided to go with the happy, bubbly lady instead.


Burt said...

If I were God-gone-human, I'd be bubbly. I'm just saying.

Is there any reason why God chose this particular human to inhabit? He should have seen this coming!

MamaLern said...

Actually, he came to Sudan as sort of an apology for allowing the Darfur situation to happen there, and then they shoot him!
I would also be bubbly if I were a deity because I'm assuming that being a deity would mean that I would have super powers!

Ron said...

I love this--especially the bag. What are the chances I could get a print for my living room?

bevjackson said...

Ha! I adored this book, and this
picture is wonderfully wry!

MamaLern said...

If you seriously want a print, then that's quite flattering-

I wouldn't be opposed to sending one out, just contact me: misshatefulness@gmail.com

How did you find out about the site?

lucky said...

This is a phenomenal illustration.
I absolutely love it!

Good work!


Tim said...

This is absolutely a wonderful piece and I was going to ask the same thing about the prospect of a print. There's just something about it. (Burt can vouch for my appreciation of this style.) At the utter least, it's now my work Mac's wallpaper.

P.S. - Lauren, I was hanging a few of your prints on my wall yesterday <3 <3.

MamaLern said...

awwww pshawwww. Sure you can have a printz, Timothy. I can give you that and the Bagley card as well.
I am quite flattered with the wallpaper nod. QUITE. Can my ego get any bigger? I submit that it can not.

PS- I have since amassed several more MJ works. I will take pictures eventually so that you may see them.

Tim said...

This pleases me on many levels:
1. This one.