Yikes, Just Yikes.

Azazello is another one of Woland's henchmen in The Master and Margarita. He is described as a "wall-eyed", intimidating, fanged figure (I think they mention one fang, so the ONE fang stuck in my mind) who dons a bowler hat atop fiery red hair. He is kind of portrayed as an assassin or strong-arm, though pretty much every member of the entourage ends up killing something.

When writing these descriptions, I tend to go on Wikipedia to refresh my memory on the points I want to talk about. When thinking of this character, I thought that "wall-eyed" meant having eyes similar to those of a fish...spaced far apart, or on each side of the head, haha. Upon looking it up (two minutes ago), I found it just means that the eyes don't look in the same direction, kind of similar to a "lazy eye." But I think my imagining of the character makes it even creepier with his eyes on either side of the head, hahaha.


MamaLern said...

I saw a guy on TV yesterday that looked EXACTLY like this minus the teeth and plus jerry curly hair. eeps!

Also. I have my next sketch in my head. As soon as it hits the paper I'll posty post it!

Burt said...

Haha, wow. Maybe there was a giant, gun-toting black cat somewhere in the background?

MamaLern said...

It was Flava flav. So no gun-toting cats. I wish!